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Games Workshop Shows Off More Orruk Abilities for Age of Sigmar

The orruks might have their own, individual tribes, but they don't mind workin' together if there's a WAAAGH!! to be had. In this look at the Orruks for Age of Sigmar, we get a look at some of the special abilities these figures get when they team up to head to war.

From the article:

With the Dominion launch box out in the wild, we’ve seen loads of stunning Kruleboyz armies emerging from the swamps of Ghur. These kunnin’ orruks join the Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz in the upcoming Orruk Warclans battletome – and this book is positively bursting with loads of outstanding (and smelly) reasons to play this faction in the Era of the Beast. Grab your nose plugs and read on.

Not only can you build a strong army with one of the three individual subfactions – the Kruleboyz, Bonesplitterz, or Ironjawz – each with their own powerful allegiance abilities, but you can combine them into an almighty Big Waaagh! which offer orruk generals a whole host of powerful rules.

Let’s start with the newcomers – the Kruleboyz are bringing sneaky tactical options to orruk hordes.