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Games Workshop Shows Off March Exclusive Figure

Games Workshop has a new exclusive figure for the month (it is a new month, after all). It's a new figure for Age of Sigmar's Lumineth Realm-lords and he's going to reach out, reach out and touch someone with a honkin' big pike! Have a look for yourself.

From the article:

Come to the light – claim a Lumineth-themed coin and model in March. Read on to see how you can get them for yourself.

With Broken Realms: Teclis right around the corner, everyone’s thinking about the Lumineth Realm-lords. It’s appropriate, then, that March’s Miniatures of the Month are these fantastic Auralan Wardens. If you’re a fan of fancy hats, looong spears, and just exquisite models in general, you’ll want to make sure you pop into your local Warhammer store to get one.