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Games Workshop Previews the World Eaters for The Horus Heresy

When your Legion's primarch's name is "Angron," there's a pretty good chance you're not going to be the most kind and gentle of the Legion Astartes. And such is the case with the World Eaters. As Games Workshop goes through the different Space Marine chapters in preparation for the upcoming edition of The Horus Heresy, it's these violent individuals that we get a look at in this preview.

From the article:

Are you bored of fancy footwork and devious double-bluffs? Do you want to get stuck into the real action? Do you enjoy nothing more than the rumble of a hungry chainaxe, and the thrill of hot gore splattering on your face, up your nose, and pretty much everywhere else? The XII Legion are the ones for you.

We start week three of our Legion Day articles with the angriest, the deadliest, the most terrifying of all Space Marines – the mighty World Eaters. These completely unbiased reviews of the Legiones Astartes have finally found a fighting force worthy of the title belt – the Iron Hands may be competitive, but these guys are out for blood.