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Games Workshop Previews the Blood Angels for The Horus Heresy

Yesterday, we saw the Night Lords, sort of the vampire group of the Adeptus Astartes. However, there's one group that's more-known for their love of blood. That is the "Blood for the Blood Go--- wait, I mean, Emperor!" Blood Angels. Get a look at some of what they'll be like in the upcoming The Horus Heresy update.

From the article:

War is always a terrible business, but it needn’t be a concerning exercise in cruelty or a brutal, merciless grind. For the truly enlightened, combat is an artform, and there are no greater artists than the Blood Angels – a Legion of noble paladins who are as much poets and painters as they are bloodthirsty killers.

Rising from the ashes of madness to spread their beautiful (and mostly metaphorical) wings, the IX Legion are a source of inspiration to all warriors of the Legiones Astartes. They’re also the next stop on our tour through the Emperor’s Space Marine Legions, and we won’t even pretend to be impartial here – they’re just that bloody good.