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Games Workshop Previews Zolcanth for Blood Bowl

Zoats. Old grognards remember when they weren't much more than a Games Workshop inside joke. "When Zoats get a faction in 40k" was an old saying. Well, it's not 40k, and it's not a whole faction, but Blood Bowl is getting itself a Zoat. Zolcanth the Zoat, to be specific. Want to see what he's like on the pitch? Have yourselves a look-see.

From the preview:

Zoats are exceptionally rare beings, living meditative, hermetic lifestyles far removed from society – including the Blood Bowl pitch. It’s believed that most Zoats aren’t even aware of the beautiful game. Such was the case with Zolcath until a Wood Elf sought his wisdom, hoping the rumoured magical abilities of these elusive creatures might help him achieve success on the gridiron. As luck would have it, Zolcath became fascinated by Blood Bowl and asked his visitor to teach him the basics.