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Games Workshop Previews Wurrboyz Powers for 40k

I've always known them as Weirdboyz, but they're apparently Wurrboyz now. Either way, they're the psychers of the Ork ranks. In this preview, we get a look at a pair of powers they'll be bringing to the battlefields of 40k soon.

From the post:

Why’s dere so many of them zoggin’ squigs around da camp? ‘Ave you boyz been messin’ with da weird ones again? I told you, deys got da power o’ Gork on dere side, an’ I’m runnin’ outta Grots to clean up da mess when you lot get zapped. Someone get da oomie gits to shove dese squigs back in da pen before dey get eaten, and find out wot the ‘ell’s goin’ on in da Beast Snagga camp.

Welcome back to ‘Ere We Go, our regular article series looking at the latest upcoming releases for the Orks. After delving into the legend of a great white squig last time, we’re braving a particularly horrible fate to have a peek at the latest brand of greenskin psychic madness.

Known as the Wurrboyz, these unsavoury characters channel Waaagh! energy in its most primal, animalistic form, unleashing roiling storms of psychic energy through their foes that leave them as little more than shrivelled husks, or worse…  

Off the battlefield, the Wurrboyz take on what is possibly an even more important role in their tribes. By using their pseudo-shamanistic powers to receive visions from Gork and Mork themselves, they spur their fellow hunters towards the biggest prey around with grand proclamations and barely coherent prophecies. So important is this role in guiding Beast Snagga society that they are granted a level of respect far above that of a regular Ork psyker, seen as divine oracles rather than dangerous ticking time bombs like the Weirdboyz.

The powers channelled by these bestial psykers stand apart from the usual stomping feet of Gork and random teleportation employed by other Weirdboyz. By far the most alarming of these is the ability to transform enemy soldiers into mindless, biting squigs who proceed to cause havoc among their own lines.