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Games Workshop Previews Water Guild for Necromunda

Water, water everywhere. And the Mercator Nautica is in control of it. The Water Guild will be making their presence felt more directly in Necromunda beyond when you want to stop by a drinking fountain mid-fight. In this preview, we get a quick look at what they're about.

From the post:

For any rookies in the room, the Mercator Nautica controls ALL of the water on Necromunda, from the sluice run-off that’s essential to the bulk industrial process to the recycled stuff we use in the patrol house to make recaff. Since it’s such a big business, they’re more than happy to grab some ganger to help out while taking those sloshing tanks out to places like the badzones. Having said that, they do have a strong alliance with Escher gangs, so make sure that you read up on our collated case files on the House of Blades.