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Games Workshop Previews Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan for Adeptus Titanicus

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! And yes, I know some of you might say, "Titans aren't robots!" but it's close enough for the alert's settings. Anyway, in terms of giant robots, Titans are among the giantest. And now, Games Workshop is coming out with one that's even more giantest-er. It's the Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan for Adeptus Titanicus. Have a look for yourself.

From the article:

In Saturday’s Warhammer Preview Online, we revealed the latest addition to your Adeptus Titanicus battlegroups – the majestic Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan. Now that you’ve had time to gaze lovingly at it, we’re going to delve into why you need to add one (or more) to your collection.