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Games Workshop Previews War Zone Octarius Preview

The new War Zone Octarius Book 2: Critical Mass book is coming to pre-orders this Saturday from Games Workshop. If you're excited to see what's inside, you can get a look at the table of contents and more in this preview.

From the article:

War Zone Octarius is rapidly spiralling out of control, and with the Imperium fully committed to preserving their border worlds, the Tyranids and Orks run rampant.

War Zone Octarius – Book 1: Rising Tide saw the first incursions through the Cordon Impenetra surrounding the sector, and now in Book 2: Critical Mass, the war focuses onto the critical forge world of Sigma-Ulstari.

You can join the war for Octarius when Critical Mass pre-orders arrive this Saturday. In the meantime, we’ve prepared a quick look at all the Warhammer 40,000 goodness you can find inside.