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Games Workshop Previews Veteran Infantry Update in General's Handbook

Age of Sigmar is getting a new General's Handbook soon. It's coming to pre-order this weekend. Inside, there's a whole ton of updates, as usual. That includes new rules for Veteran Infantry. Get a look at what some of these updates look like in this preview.

From the article:

After a year of beatdowns from behemoths during the Era of the Beast, matched play is shifting gears in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, as the General’s Handbook: Pitched Battles 2022-23 – Season 1 comes to pre-order this weekend. 

This new tome shifts the focus from the savage wilds of Thondia to the serpentine tunnels and plunging ravines of its neighbouring continent – Gallet, the Splintered Land. Here’s what you can expect in the coming season…

Murderously inclement weather batters the plains of Gallet, roaring winds strong enough to scatter whole armies. Those who wish to avoid these punishing storms must use the continent’s endless network of tunnels – but these gloomy grottos teem with swarming ratfolk and insectoid Ghurish predators.*

To protect themselves from such critters, caravans and travelling armies employ Masters of the Splintered Land – seasoned veterans who know how to navigate these twisting pathways and fend off their brutal bugs.