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Games Workshop Previews Vanari Bladelords For Age of Sigmar

The Lumineth Realm-lords have some rather elite units. But one of the most-elite are the Vanari Bladelords. These extremely well-trained swordsmen are getting their own preview today from Games Workshop. Have yourselves a look.

From the article:

It’s the third day of this week’s Lumineth Realm-lords focus and, for the first time, we’re just looking at one new unit – instead of three Heroes and two aelemental disciples. Oh my, and what a unit it is.

As any self-respecting wizard would agree, having to fight for your life in the chaos of close combat is just so… distracting. Who has time to weave wondrous magics when an Ironjaw is dead-set on chopping you into itty-bitty pieces? If only some stalwart swordsmen were on hand to keep the rabble at bay…