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Games Workshop Previews Turn Structure in Kill Team

We've gotten a lot of looks at how the upcoming version of Kill Team will work. From how attacks work to a look at the scenarios and campaigns. But in this preview, we get something a bit more fundamental: turns. What does a typical turn for the game look like? What kind of phases does it have? That's what we'll find out this time.

From the article:

Whether you’re playing a quick and competitive matched play game or furthering the story of your own bespoke band of heroes in a Spec Ops narrative campaign, the basic structure of a battle remains largely the same. You may have seen a few tidbits like alternate activations mentioned in our quick look at the new Kill Team, but now we’re lifting the lid on how exactly a turn will play out. 

Turns, or Turning Points as they’re now known, are comprised of three phases, during which you’ll seize the initiative, enact strategic decisions, send your operatives into combat, and more. Each game is made up of just four Turning Points, so you’ll need to make good use of each phase to one-up your opponent and clinch victory.