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Games Workshop Previews Traitor Ogryn for Kill Team

Ogryn are already pretty nasty enough all on their own. Huge, covered in muscle, tough to take down. When they're pumped up with chaos magic and drugs, they become all that more dangerous. Get a look at these Traitor Ogryn coming soon to Kill Team.

From the article:

As giant slabs of muscle and violent tendencies, corrupted Ogryns are often found among the forces of Chaos, and the more free-thinking ones find frequent employment in Blooded kill teams. With Kill Team: Moroch coming to pre-order this weekend, we’re taking a look at our favourite big lug to see just how much damage we can make one do.

The Blooded kill team has plenty of close-ranged killers at its disposal, but the Traitor Ogryn is the undisputed king of smash. Packing more Wounds than a Space Marine and a claw that can crush the Emperor’s finest with ease, he’s already a fearsome combatant without any help from his warp-cursed comrades.