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Games Workshop Previews Thunderhawk Gunship for Aeronautica Imperialis

The iconic Thunderhawk was part of the new starter set for Aeronautica Imperialis that came out recently, but if you're wanting to get some without the rest of the figures, or to bolster your squadron, you can get it on its own this weekend. In this article, Games Workshop looks over the model's stats and some of the various configurations.

From the article:

The Thunderhawk is perhaps the iconic 41st Millennium aircraft – it’s been ferrying Adeptus Astartes to the front lines for nearly four decades since it first appeared as a dinky metal box in the original Epic Space Marine game.

It’s been through many incarnations since – not least in a highly collectable, metal Warhammer 40,000 version that was famously impossible to keep stuck together. But it’s the latest version we’re here to talk about today – the undisputed king of the skies in Aeronautica Imperialis.*

And yes, this is the first time there’s ever been a Thunderhawk in plastic, rather than metal or resin – and it’s a doozy, as we all saw recently when your friendly Warhammer Community team were let loose on a dozen different Chapters.