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Games Workshop Previews The Book of the Outcast for Necromunda

A new book will be making its way to your Necromunda tables soon. It's The Book of the Outcast, and it will bring quite a few new options to your gangs as they seek to control the Underhive. In this preview, we get a bit of an overview of the book and a little bit of those goodies it will be bringing you.

From the article:

We revealed loads of incredible stuff at Gen Con over the weekend, including a new Kill Team boxed set and a Khorne team for Blood Bowl. We also saw some upcoming Necromunda releases, and now it’s time for a closer look at The Book of the Outcast.

This new supplement includes masses of background for the forgotten of Necromunda – the disenfranchised who’ve fallen between the cracks of the rival Houses – explaining who these outcasts are and how they’ve ended up in this hopeless situation.

The best thing about the Book of the Outcast is how flexible it is – it comes with loads of different ways to represent the dregs of Necromundan society or the fallen elements of its upper crust. 

You can build outlaw gangs with all sorts of cool origin stories, formed around a charismatic leader you can build in a ton of different ways. Perhaps you want to make a gang solely of no-name, no-hope outcasts. For those of you who possess a more defiant nature, rebel cadres led by rebel luminaries like the mysterious Lady Credo or the legendary Kal Jericho might be your thing. 

That scope stretches to weirder set-ups, too. From gangs formed around the psychic emanations of a charismatic Wyrd leader, through ex-Guilders* and those forced into hiding by their former Clan House, to outcast scions of Noble or even Fallen Houses, you can get seriously narrative with this new book. What’s more, it opens access up to all the brilliant dramatis personae released by Forge World over the years. This means that you can take a bunch of outcasts, add a character of your choice, and you’ve got a gang ready to create its own underhive legend.