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Games Workshop Previews T'au Devilfish Upgrades For 40k

When the T'au don't want to just walk themselves into battle, they'll often jump inside a Devilfish. But more than just a humble APC, these craft can be upgraded with all sorts of special abilities. Like what? Glad you asked. We get a look at some in this preview of the upcoming T'au Codex.

From the article:

With the upcoming Codex: T’au Empire arriving for pre-order this Saturday, we’ve already seen upgrades for battlesuitspulse blastcannons, and railguns. But while the big guns have been stealing the spotlight, even the humble Devilfish transport is getting some Earth Caste TLC.

The workhorse APC for the entire T’au Empire, the Devilfish is versatile enough for each Tactical Philosophy. Commanders who prefer Mont’ka can surge forwards at the onset of battle with the Armoured Aggression rule, deploying a payload of Fire Warriors into close range in order to maximise their firepower.