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Games Workshop Previews Store Anniversary Minis

At least once a year, you have a birthday. That holds true for your local gaming stores, too, including your local GW shop. For their birthday (or anniversary, if you will), they have special minis available. In this preview, we get a look at what those exclusive figures will look like.

From the preview:

At some point in 2021, it will be your local Warhammer store’s anniversary. How’s that for a prophetic vision? What you might not know, though, is that each year there are two exclusive models available in every store. 

Each of these special, celebratory miniatures will be available on the weekend of your store’s birthday. They’ll then remain in stock for seven more days, in order to ensure as many people as possible get their hands on these anniversary models.

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce your two exclusive models for 2021: Kamoteph the Crooked and Sylas Beastbane