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Games Workshop Previews Stealth in Kill Team

Look, rushing in guns a-blazin' is a time-honored tradition in warfare. But sometimes, being sneaky and stealthy is the better way to go about things. In this preview of the new Kill Team coming this weekend to pre-order, Games Workshop gives us a look inside the more subtle sides of the game.

From the article:

Kill Team: Octarius is almost upon us, as pre-orders go live on the 14th of August. With all the shiny new equipment to try out, you could be forgiven for rushing in gung-ho to give the vile xenos (or vile humans, if you’re so inclined) what for. That’s a good way to die in a hail of bullets, though, and experienced commanders know that you sometimes need a quieter touch to get the job done.

However, before we talk about stealth, we need to look at how you can order your operatives to sneak around or go loud. 

When selecting a model to activate during the Firefight phase, you must first decide whether they have an Engage or Conceal order – either breaking cover to attack or doing their best to keep out of harm’s way, respectively.