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Games Workshop Previews Sons of Behemat Changes Coming in White Dwarf

The pages of White Dwarf are a great place to find out all sorts of information about Games Workshop. The new issue is coming to pre-release soon and it'll contain an update for the Sons of Behemat faction for Age of Sigmar. We get a small look at them here.

From the preview:

After introducing a wealth of fantastic changes to Warhammer Age of Sigmar in its third edition, you might think that the game’s rules wranglers would take a little break. Never ones to rest on their laurels, those good folks have actually been hard at work on a series of battletome updates, which will be featured in the hallowed pages of White Dwarf.

These new rules are official updates that can be used alongside your battletomes, and they bring a range of flavourful ways to use your army, whether you like open, narrative, or matched play.

The Sons of Behemat are the beneficiaries of the inaugural battletome update in White Dwarf 467, so let’s take a look at how they’ll be stomping over the Mortal Realms soon.