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Games Workshop Previews Snotling Stats for Blood Bowl

The new Snotlings team for Blood Bowl is going to be available to order this weekend from GW. Considering Blood Bowl is all about being the biggest, toughest, and fastest, and Snotlings are not known for being any of that, you may be wondering how they stand a chance on the Gridiron. Well, in this article, you get a look at just that.

From the article:

Get ready, sports fans, as we’re about to take a look at how the new Snotling team plays! But before we do, we need to introduce a few new rules that really help to set them apart from their (much) larger peers. First up are two brand-new Extraordinary skills that Snotling teams make use of – Disposable and Swarming – both of which represent the rather unorthodox playing style of the diminutive creatures…


  arcanepretzel at Aug-21 20
The snotling pump wagon is probably the thing I miss most about WHFB. It's good they're getting used in some form.