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Games Workshop Previews Skeleton Guards From Cursed City

Cursed City is the new set coming for Warhammer Quest. To get you in the know about this box, Games Workshop has started a new preview series. They're beginning with what most groups find first when heading to a city: its guard. In this instance, it's the skeletal Ulfenwatch. Take a look.

From the preview:

Hear ye, hear ye! Meet the merciless Ulfenwatch – the skeleton militia that keep the streets free of defiance. Who can rid us of this undead menace? I’m the Cursed City crier, and I’ll be feeding you all the information you need to help rid this place of its undead scourge.”

Welcome to the first in a new series of weekly articles where we’ll be taking a look at the heroes and villains of Ulfenkarn in the build up to the release of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. We’re kicking off with a look at Captain Halgrim and his Ulfenwatch and, boy, have they got a bone to pick with you.