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Games Workshop Previews Shrines Luminor for Age of Sigmar

Who wants to walk into battle? Nobody. That's boring. What about riding a horse or other steed? Yeah, I guess that can be cool. Or a bike or tank? They're so noisy. How about your own floating shrine? Yeah, that sounds pretty sweet. That's what the Lumineth Realm-lords for Age of Sigmar have. You can see what these are all about in this preview.

From the article:

We’ve looked at some of the new Lumineth Heroes as part of our week of Realm-lords rules, and while one of them has a mount of his own, the others have to rely on their boring old feet to get about. If only they had some kind of floating platform to rest on… 

As befits the name of ‘Realm-lords’, the Lumineth are masters of coaxing the land itself to fight alongside them when they march to war. While this often means the aelemental spirits of Hysh are enlisted into the Hyshian armies, it doesn’t always result in a sentient mountain picking up a hammer and bashing some heads in.

The Shrines Luminor are free-floating metaliths that dot the Mortal Realms, repurposed by the Scinari with shrines dedicated to the aelementors they revere. By directing the natural flow of magic that congregates around these hovering islands, the mages of the Lumineth can cleanse corruption from geomantic ley lines and bolster their magical prowess.