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Games Workshop Previews Scyla Anfingrimm for Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl players tend to be rather big and burly (when they're not small and stunty). One of the burliest might be Scyla Anfingrimm. Get a look at their new miniature in this preview.

From the article:

Blood Bowl players come in all shapes and sizes, but few are both as big and brutal as Scyla Anfingrimm. A hulking beast of unknown origins, some say he’s a daemon anointed by Khorne himself, whilst others think he’s an irate fan that found his way onto the pitch in a fit of rage and simply hasn’t left.All we truly know is that he is a single-minded fan of carnage. Nothing can stand between Anfingrimm and a vicious tackle – not even petty distractions such as the ball and scoring touchdowns can draw his attention away from their next target.