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Games Workshop Previews Scinari Enlightener Denezia Warwidow for AoS

Arcane Cataclysm is the new box set coming soon for Age of Sigmar. In it are several new miniatures, including Scinari Enlightener Denezia Warwidow. Get a look at her figure and some of her abilities in this new preview.

From the article:

The power of magic courses through all of the Mortal Realms, though none shine quite so brightly as Hysh. Powerful pockets of thaumaturgical fallout, mystic relics, and weapons left behind by the Spirefall still litter the burned plains of the Realm of Light, and the forces of Tzeentch are picking over what remains to amass power in Arcane Cataclysm.

Thankfully the ever-watchful Scinari Enlightener Denezia Warwidow is aware of the machinations of the God of Change, and sets out to meet his warped minions in battle, carrying the cosmic power of Hysh within her. 

These peerless warrior-wizards walk a different path from their kin, seeking inner truths and pondering the nature of the cosmos itself. This powerful understanding of Hyshian symmetry is a tool to “educate” the lesser races in blazing beams of searing white light, manifesting the wrath of the Realm.