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Games Workshop Previews Remora Drone For Aeronautica Imperialis

The T'au are well-known for creating robotic drones to fight on the battlefield for them. That extends up above the battlefield as well. In this preview for Aeronautica Imperialis, we get a look at the Remora Drone coming soon for the game.

From the article:

If you’ve been fervently collecting a T’au Air Caste fleet, you’ll have noticed a distinct lack of Remora Drones in the model lineup. Forge World is about to take care of that, so you can start working them into your rosters. Take a look at these AI-controlled aircraft.

While other T’au Air Caste aircraft have access to wing-housed defensive drones, the Remora is more like a light fighter. They’re highly advanced, independent aircraft, piloted by sophisticated cogitators. The innovative design was intended to save the lives of extensively trained members of the Air Caste (what a novel idea in the 41st Millennium, where life is cheap) and operate in environments considered too hostile for more traditional aircraft, but they’ve become much more than that.