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Games Workshop Previews Quest of the Ringbearer Supplement for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

The ring of power needed to be taken back to Mount Doom and thrown into the fire. Easier said than done, considering all the fighting going on on Middle-earth over that ring. And soon, you'll be able to add to your recreations on the tabletop in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game as Games Workshop is coming out with the Quest of the Ringbearer expansion. Have a look inside it in this preview.

From the article:

Back in April, we announced the next supplement for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game – Quest of the Ringbearer. Well, as we know you’re as excited as a Hobbit at the thought of second breakfast, we thought it was about time to give you some more information about this upcoming release. And who better to talk us through what you can expect from the supplement than the man who wrote it – the Middle-earth team’s tame wordsmith, Jay Clare?