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Games Workshop Previews Ork Theme Lists for 40k

How do you WAAAGH!!? There's more than one way, for sure, each with their own advantages. Personally, I'm all for Speed Freeks. Red Ones Go Fasta (which... the hell are the speed freeks in this article painted yellow and not red for?). In this preview of the upcoming Orks codex for 40k, we get a look at some of the different theme lists you can pick from.

From the article:

One of the best things about a codex release is finding out the fun armies you can build with the new units and rules. Codex: Orks and a host of greenskin goodies are available for you to pre-order from Saturday, so we’ve had a dive into the book and come up with a few thematic armies for you to try. One of them is 99% grots, but it’ll be a great experience – trust us.