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Games Workshop Previews Orcs From New Blood Bowl Box Set

I'm a greenskin at heart, even if my main Blood Bowl team has been Lizardmen for a long time now. But I also have an Orcs team as well, so I'm interested to see how they're going to play in the new edition that's coming out. If you're like me, you can head over and check out exactly that in this preview.

From the scouting report:

The Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition box includes two new teams, and this week we’re taking a look at how they perform on the pitch, starting with the Thunder Valley Greenskins. Watch this video for a quick hit of what makes them special.

Veteran coaches will already be familiar with standard Orc and Goblin teams, but Black Orc teams like the Thunder Valley Greenskins are more focused, making them very straightforward to play. They’re even tougher than a regular Orc team, but they all but forgo the passing game to concentrate on crushing the other team. Let’s break the roster down, shall we?