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Games Workshop Previews Next Week's Pre-Releases

Games Workshop is following up this last week's big Age of Sigmar pre-release week with a big 40k and Necromunda week. Though, if you're playing Direchasm, there's stuff for you, too. Even some Aeronautica Imperialis thrown in from Forge World for good measure.

From the preview:

As those of you who play some of the phenomenal Warhammer video games on offer may know, every year Khorne himself graces us with his attention and rewards those who reap a hefty tally of skulls in his name. Well, it’s that time of year again, so put on your Slaying Hat,* and take a look at the details on the next Warhammer Skulls event.

We also have a massive crop of pre-orders on the way next Saturday, including a High Lord of Terra, Redemptionists in the underhive, and an Idoneth Deepkin warband making their way to Direchasm.