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Games Workshop Previews New Visions of Glory Figure

Games Workshop is taking a look inside the Visions of Glory set, coming soon for Warhammer Underworlds. In this preview, we get a peek at Hedkrakka, a devout shaman for Gorkamorka, the Ork's mighty, green god. Have yourself a look for yourself and see if you convert.

From the preview:

In last month’s Visions of Glory, we introduced Toofdagga, one of the boyz from Hedkrakka’s Madmob. Since then, we’ve seen the entire warband in the recent Warhammer Preview Online. Now, we’re properly meetin’ da boss – say “hello” to Hedkrakka, the Gob of Gork.

Hedkrakka heard the voice of the violent god Gorkamorka speaking through his serpent familiar. It had a simple message for him and his Madmob – start the biggest hunt ever and slay Beastgrave, the living mountain. Of course, Bonesplitterz don’t worry about practicalities such as how to actually kill a mountain, so they set off across Ghur.