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Games Workshop Previews New Ultramarine Praetors

Games Workshop loves to take 40k and look back at what made it the universe it is, rolling back around 10k years to the Horus Heresy. In this article, we get a look at a pair of new Ultramarine Praetors that supposedly hail from that era.

From the article:

Welcome to Legion Dispatch, our regular series of articles showing off future releases for The Horus Heresy. So far, we’ve seen Maloghurst the Twisted, Imperial Fists Praetors, and the terrifying Argel Tal. We’re back to the Loyalist side today as we show off the Ultramarines Praetors.

The Ultramarines are well known for doing things by the book, so they probably had to get loads of forms filled in before their Legion Praetors were ready for battle. Now that Roboute Guilliman has given them the final stamp of approval, you’ll see that they’re well worth the wait.

As you’d expect from some of the finest warriors in the Legion, they are clad only in the best armour and carry the most powerful weapons available. They’re covered in Ultramarines symbols and insignia so that you can easily identify who is in charge, whether you’re fighting in the catacombs of Calth* or starting your own Imperium.**