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Games Workshop Previews New Squigs For 40k

Squigs. There's about a billion types of them and all of them have been utilized in some form by the Orks in their pursuit of WAAAGH!!! In this article. Games Workshop looks at a pair of Squig types coming to your 40k tabletops.

From the article:

Welcome back to ‘Ere We Go, our regular article series on what the galaxy has to look forward to as the latest Waaagh! rapidly approaches. As you may remember from back when we first met them, the Beast Snaggas have found many ingenious ways to use squigs in their everyday lives, and some of them don’t even involve biting. With the Beast Snaggas army box we saw during Warhammer Fest Online just over the horizon, we’re taking a look at some of the other uses they’ve found for the ornery red monsters.