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Games Workshop Previews New Sisters of Battle Banner Bearer

Some new Sisters of Battle will be making it to 40k tabletops in the near future. In the preview today, we get a look at one that took the saying, "Speak softly, but carry a big stick" to some extreme levels (looks like she's yelling, too).

From the article:

Welcome to the latest instalment of The Battle Sister Bulletin, our regular look at some of the coolest things that are on the way for the Adepta Sororitas. Last time, we met a new division of the elite Celestian order, and today something (or someone) even fancier is coming into view.

The position of Reliquant at Arms is typically given to long-standing members of the Orders Pronatus, the holy protectors and reclaimers of the thousands of artefacts coveted by the Adepta Sororitas. They are skilled both in the care and restoration of ancient relics, as well as the destruction of those who would do them harm – so it’s definitely handy to have one around when a crusade is calling.