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Games Workshop Previews New Scenario for 40k

Fat-bergs. They're real things. And they're just as disgusting as the name implies. And Nurgle likes to use them in his battle plans. That's where you come in with this new scenario that Games Workshop is showing off for 40k as part of the Amidst the Ashes mission pack.

From the article:

When your forces are assailed by the servants of Nurgle, it’s not just the Plague God’s legions of mortal and daemonic servants you must face, nor even the threat of virulent diseases taking root – the foetid fallout left in their wake is extremely hazardous in its own right. Sounds pretty disgusting, right? Well, how about fighting amid floating fat-bergs?*

Pretty icky, we imagine.

Amidst the Ashes, the second Mission Pack set in the ongoing conflict of War Zone Charadon, is designed to complement the developments in the Book of Fire (which is also up for pre-order this weekend), and puts your Crusade force right in the heart of this rather unpleasant environment.

In fact, one of the Combat Patrol missions is called Fat-berg Clearance, and challenges the attacker to collapse the entrances of a tunnel network that the defender has hollowed out within one of these unsightly abominations. By destroying key objectives on the battlefield, the attacker will prevent the defender from being able to deploy their Strategic Reserves from the fat-berg tunnels to outflank them. Gross.