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Games Workshop Previews New Orks for Kill Team

The new Kill Team box is coming soon. It's got Orks facing off against Guardsmen. But what are these new Ork raiders capable of? We get a look at their stats in this new preview.

From the preview:

Sneaking slowly through the underbrush, stalking their prey with uncharacteristic patience, the Ork Kommandos are an altogether different breed of threat for kill teams operating in the Octarius Sector.

Generals expecting hordes of brutish killers instead find themselves pinned down by sniper fire, ambushed by wall-breaching drills, and chopped to pieces by monstrous greenskins that leave survivors baffled as to how they managed to creep up on them.

We’ve picked out some of the most dangerous Orkish operators, and asked Wes, one of the game’s playtesters, for his thoughts on this kunnin’ band of greenskins.