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Games Workshop Previews New Ork Weapon Profiles For 40k

"Needs moar dakka" is a pretty common saying for an ork. And with the new codex they're getting for 40k soon, moar dakka is exactly what they're getting. Games Workshop has posted up a preview of a bunch of new weapon profiles for the various ork weaponry. Gonna be very killy.

From the preview:

The Orks’ long-awaited new codex will be with us very soon, and you can get your hands on it early – and with exclusive cover art – as part of the Beast Snagga Army Set that’s up for pre-order in just a few days. Given that the codex comes with a whole heap of ded killy new rules, we thought we’d dive into dakka today.

The Orks, it is safe to say, are not noted marksmen. But what they lack in accuracy they’ve always made up for in rate of fire and raw enthusiasm – a tactical approach the Orks themselves have dubbed ‘dakka’. In battle this typically means that if you roll a 6 to hit, you get to shoot again, granting you a fair few extra shots when the boyz have their eye in.