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Games Workshop Previews New Ork Special Rules for 40k

The new War Zone Octarius book is coming to pre-order soon. In it, the Orks are getting themselves some updates in the form of the Blood Axes Codex Supplement. What sort of stuff is being added to their WAAAGH!!!? Get a look in this preview.

From the article:

With all the forces converging across War Zone Octarius, it’s easy to forget that Orks are just as likely to fight each other as anyone else, especially when they disagree on the best way to krump some gitz.

The sneaky, sensible* Blood Axes couldn’t be more different than the Speed Freeks, and today we’re looking at how you can get involved with some of the deadliest boyz in the sector when pre-orders for War Zone Octarius – Book 2: Critical Mass go live on Saturday.