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Games Workshop Previews New Ork Releases for 40k

The Orks are getting the last set of pre-releases from Games Workshop this year. You can check out the new kits coming to their webshop this weekend in this preview. Head on through to check 'em out. WAAAGH!!!

From the article:

Some people may dream of a white Christmas, but as we all know, green is truly da best. That’s why on the eighth day of Christmas your true love* will be bringing you pre-orders for plenty of greenskin goodness.


The green tide is ready to roll over your battlefields as the Ork Boyz receive their long-awaited glow-up. The set includes ten of these hulking greenskin warriors. One ia armed with a choice of big shoota or rokkit launcha, while the unit’s Boss Nob wields either a power klaw or a (seriously) big choppa. Packed with detail and mean as you like, they’re spoiling to show those ’oomies who’s boss.