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Games Workshop Previews New Ork Group

WAAAGH!!! Longtime readers know that I'm a true Greenskin deep down inside. And, apparently, a new "subkultur" of Orks is making their way to 40k. We get a look at these new beastmaster Orks in this preview.

From the article:

Listen up, boyz. We’z ‘ad sum right strange types appearin’ in da last few days, and I wanna know what they’z doing in my Waaagh! Last time you lot poked around one of them weird ladz, Bogrot’s ‘ead exploded, so this time we’z got sum captive ‘oomies to find out wot they’z up to in a new regular series on the Waaaghammer Comoonity site: ‘Ere we go!

As you’ll have no doubt seen in the recent Warhammer Preview Online, followers of a new greenskin ‘subkultur’ have arrived to bring their own brand of krumpin’ to the galaxy. Called the Beast Snaggas, these master squig-breeders ride to war on their ferocious red steeds,* kicking, biting, and stabbing anything within their reach.