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Games Workshop Previews New Necrons for 40k

The Necrons are an ancient race that long ago eschewed the weaknesses of organic material for the strength of metal and plastic. In the upcoming Necron Codex, they will be getting a whole host of new rules and options. In this article, we get a preview of some of them.

From the article:

The Necrons have awoken and are getting ready to reclaim the galaxy. That’s not going to be easy – they’re going to need some new units and rules. So, today we’re taking you through some of the options in the new Necron codex that will take you from mere Necron Overlord to galactic ruler.

The new codex features Dynastic Codes for six Necron empires, including the Szarekhan Dynasty for the first time, along with options to create your own.* We’ll be taking a closer look at those rules tomorrow.

Today, we’re focussing on the range of rules and army-wide abilities that benefit your force regardless of which dynasty they belong to. For example, Reanimation Protocols have always been a huge part in the way that Necron armies play and they have undergone a slight change in the new codex. Your Necrons can still come back from wounds that would take any other warrior out of action, but now you roll when models are destroyed rather than at the beginning of your turn.