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Games Workshop Previews New Necromunda Gangers

I spent much of last week cooking for friends. So, in Necromunda, I'd probably be a Slopper. Though, I hope my friends thought better of my turkey and glazed carrots than just being "slop." This chubby cook is coming soon to your tabletops along with his friend, the Scrapper. Get a look at them in this preview.

From the article:

Unless you’re living a life of unimaginable upspire luxury, a good meal is hard to come by on Necromunda. When your main culinary options are corpse starch or unidentifiable fungi you’ve found growing on the seams of sewerage pipes, a good cook is worth their weight in spare plasma batteries.

Of course, there aren’t any good cooks in the underhive, and all you’re getting is this guy and a tentacle of indeterminate origin seasoned with the ash from his stogie.

He’s a Slopper, a hanger-on who’s truly useless in a fight, but whose… uh… culinary skills are quite handy for bringing injured gangers out of recovery – presumably when they realise that the alternative is another week with nowhere to hide from his cooking.

If your gang members have lost their appetite for whatever reason, perhaps they’ll perk up with a spot of retail therapy. It’s grim downhive, but not so grim that one can’t maintain appropriate levels of swag. And that’s where the Scabber comes in.