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Games Workshop Previews New Lord Kroak For Age of Sigmar

While I might be a greenskin through and through, the Lizardmen also hold a soft spot in my heart (like my Pangaea Punishers Blood Bowl team). So, with that in mind, I'm happy to announce that GW is going to be updating the look of one of the Lizardmen's most iconic characters, Lord Kroak. And we get a preview of this new figure here.

From the article:

Last week we showed you a pair of witch hunters who’ll be making an appearance in the Broken Realms saga. We’ve also seen some classic models getting a modern makeover, like Be’lakor. We’ve got some more news on a fan favourite for you – it’s Lord Kroak’s turn for an update.

If you’re not familiar, Lord Kroak is a legendary Starmaster who floats into battle on a mystical palanquin. His body is ancient and mummified, but his mind and spirit make him the most potent of all slann.