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Games Workshop Previews New Kill Team Stats

There's a new box set for Kill Team coming soon. In it, the Sisters of Battle will be facing off against the T'au. We get a look at the stat blocks for a unit apiece in this preview. And the fact that Whip It is playing as I type this up is not lost on me, considering one of the units.

From the article:

Gen Con was huge for the new edition of Kill Team – we saw a fantastic new Starter Set containing all you need to get going with the game, quickly followed by the first major expansion. Kill Team: Chalnath moves the action away from the Octarius Sector to the Chalnath Expanse, where elements of the T’au Fifth Sphere Expansion are battling the Adeptas Sororitas for the hearts and minds of the people living there.

This new set includes two new kill teams – T’au Pathfinders and Battle Sister Novitiates, with new models and new equipment – as well as a vast array of plastic scenery and a double-sided game board. There’s also a chunky 96-page rulebook containing detailed new rules for both teams and their operatives, as well as plenty of background on the escalating war for the Chalnath Expanse and nine new missions.