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Games Workshop Previews New Idoneth Deepmen Rules for Age of Sigmar

The next faction to get itself a new Battletome in Age of Sigmar is looking to be the Idoneth Deepkin. These warriors from under the sea... under the sea... have some pretty big monstrosities that they can bring to battle. And they're getting even more monstrous. Take a look.

From the article:

We unfurled the Age of Sigmar Roadmap at the end of January, showcasing a whole slate of upcoming battletomes. With the hot-tempered Fyreslayers, the deadly Daughters of Khaine, and the spectral Nighthaunt all poised to receive new rules, there’s a lot to look forward to this year – and even more to come.

Top of the list are the Idoneth Deepkin, so let’s dive deep into this briny book and tide you over with some awesome new rules.