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Games Workshop Previews New House Cawdor Mini for Necromunda

"If I have seen further, it's because I stand on the shoulders of giants." I'm... not quite sure this is exactly what Sir Isaac Newton was talking about, but you never know... Games Workshop is showing off a new How Cawdor mini for Necromunda that has a bit of a Master/Blaster vibe to it.

From the article:

House Cawdor is known for being a bit of a ragtag bunch, and perhaps this chummy duo is the epitome of the clan’s ability to find inventive ways to best their fellow hivers. 

Often working together in pairs to accomplish things they might struggle to achieve alone, the Stig-shamblers are lumbering their way to an underhive conflict near you.

The Stig-shambler bears many hallmarks of House Cawdor – weapons merely held together with tape, nails on their armour, and even a candle to light their heavy flamer. When your pal is with you, nothing can stop you from joining in the fray.