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Games Workshop Previews New Factions in Warcry: Red Harvest

The Red Harvest box set for Warcry is coming to pre-order this weekend. Inside, players get a look at two new factions. But how do these new figures play? That's the preview we get into this article.

From the article:

Warcry: Red Harvest is up for pre-order this weekend, and it’s your first chance to get your hands on two brand new warbands – the Tarantulos Brood and the Darkoath Savagers. We’ve already seen what’s in the box – so we now turn to how the new factions play.

The Tarantulos Brood worship Chaos as a bloated, eight-limbed spider, just as the Splintered Fang prostrate themselves before the great serpent and the Corvus Cabal venerate and steal in the name of the avian Gatherer.