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Games Workshop Previews New Dwarves for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

The Kings Under the Mountain are legendary dwarves in the Lord of the Rings world. And soon, you'll be able to bring them to your tabletops in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. We get a preview of them in this interview with one of GW's rules-writers.

From the article:

In this instalment of the Middle-earth team’s The Road Goes Ever On and On series, we’re joined by rules writer Jay Clare. He’s here to talk about another upcoming release for the Strategy Battle Game – the last Kings Under the Mountain in the Third Age of Middle-earth, no less…

Jay: When the hordes of Orcs marched upon Erebor under Azog’s command during the Battle of the Five Armies, they likely would’ve been victorious had Dáin Ironfoot not answered his cousin’s call to arms and led the Dwarves of the Iron Hills to war. Fast forward 60 years and Dáin and his kin are once more embroiled in conflict – this time against the forces of the Easterlings during the War of the Ring. 

These brand new models depict Dáin Ironfoot and his son, Thorin III Stonehelm, during the aforementioned war, and we thought you’d like to know a bit more about them.