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Games Workshop Previews New Da Red Gobbo Mini

Halloween is over. And while there's still a few holidays between now and... well... the Holidays, Games Workshop is already getting into the spirit of the season with a look at the upcoming new Red Gobbo figure for 40k.

From the article:

Santa Claus he is not. Astride his loyal* squig Bounca, da Red Gobbo dispenses presents to all the good little grots, and his model is packed with joyous details. Baubles and ornaments hang from the squig’s antlers and litter the ground underfoot, while the Gobbo’s trusty sidearm is slung in a holster across his back.

His gun isn’t just for show, either – Da Red Gobbo comes with a datasheet that lets you add him to your Warhammer 40,000 army in games that use Power Level. If you’d like to use him in points-based games, keep an eye out for White Dwarf 471, which will include a points value for this valiant grot and his ornery mount in a Warhammer Legends** datasheet.

Da Red Gobbo last showed his face for Christmas in 2019, but his first appearance goes all the way back to the classic game Gorkamorka in 1998. There he led the Gretchin Revolutionary Committee, a group dedicated to freeing their grotty brethren from the shackles of Ork oppression.