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Games Workshop Previews New Blood Bowl Star Player, Updates FAQ

"He's got a cannon for an arm" has been used to describe someone who can throw something really, really hard. But in the case of Barik Farblast, he actually does just have a cannon out on the pitch that he uses to move the ball down-field. A new version of this classic Blood Bowl star player is coming to Forge World for pre-order soon.

From the article:

We’ve seen plenty of tall Star Players and monstrous Big Guys join the Blood Bowl dugouts lately, so it’s a refreshing change that the newest star is a full head and shoulders shorter. Barik Farblast is a thrower of no small repute, largely owing to… well, you’d best see for yourself.

He’s so skilled at blasting the ball out of his cannon that he can accurately on-point Hail Mary Passes from all the way across the pitch, and he’s accurate enough to be able to reroll the scatter dice once per game. He can play for the Halfling Thimble Cup, the Old World Classic, and the Worlds Edge Superleague, which might finally make that Dwarf throwing game attainable!