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Games Workshop Previews New 40k Ork Stats

WAAAGH!!! I might be a bear, but deep down, I'm a greenskin and always will be. The Orks in 40k are getting some changes to their rules soon, and Games Workshop is showing them off. This time around, it's a look at how the rules don't always match the fluff, but that's about to change.

From the article:

Right lads, we’z about ready to launch dis Waaagh! an’ I want all of the beakies, an’ knife ears, an’ ‘oomies to know just why we’re da biggest an’ da strongest. Yer, it’z cos we’z Orks, but they dun’ know why green iz da best, see. Oi! ‘Oomies! Tell all them gits why we’z gonna krump ‘em good.

Welcome back to ‘Ere We Go, our regular feature looking at a host of new releases for Orks that are coming soon. We’ve seen extra-speedy doctors and squig-riding monster slayers over the past few weeks. Now it’s time to give you a first look at the rules coming alongside these models.